Date: 01/25/2018
Date: 11:30 am

Dr. Shirley Disseler, associate professor, and STEM education program coordinator for High Point University will lead our January Swerve event on “Unlocking Creativity Through Play.”

“There is a creative crisis in America right now. As adults, we often think about what people think about our ideas so we are less likely to share. It’s not that way with kids, however. When we get to adulthood, we don’t want to do anything without the approval of those around us,” said Dr. Disseler.

This event is free to members. Non-members are encouraged to join us, with a payment of $20, which includes lunch. We are running a special promotion for January. If you’d like to check out Swerve for the first time or invite a friend, use the promo code “SwerveAlert” on the Eventbrite registration page to get your non-member ticket for free!

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