Micah Brown

Micah Brown has over a decade of experience in commercial filmmaking and photography. In 2017, he launched Micah Brown Media which provides videography, photography and consulting services to a variety of clients in the NC Triad area. As a federally certified, state licensed and fully insured commercial drone pilot, he also offers clients unique aerial cinematic videography and… MORE

Mike Foley

Mike Foley, is the owner of Flock of Drummers, a brand building creative collaborative. “I want to help companies bring their brands to life by finding the nugget that best tells their story,” said Foley. A visual artist and award-winning filmmaker with a journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin, Foley provides his clients with… MORE

Iris Fagundo Cole

  CEO and Co-Founder of Do Good Artists, believes in the power of using creative forms (music, art, and design), to connect people and enable social change. “We are a social enterprise that strategically partners the arts with other industries (such as technology, fashion, tourism, health, and more) in order to innovate and move the… MORE

Shayla Herndon-Edmunds

is the founder and chief creative officer of Oh My Goodness Herbal Bar, which sells health and beauty products marketed to health conscious consumers. The company sells a host of options ranging from body butters and lotions, natural soaps, aromatherapy candles, bath teas and body scrubs. Custom blends are also available by request. The products… MORE

Tonya Sheffield

  Tonya Sheffield is a visionary creative who is empowering youth and adults by inspiring them to capture and share their stories.  Tonya has an extensive career in the film industry, with a special focus on documentaries. In 2009 she founded The Dream School, a podcast and documentary film school for youth and adults. According… MORE

Emmy Knott Williams

With expertise as a professional interior designer and a passion to provide clients an environment they thrive in, Emmy Knott Williams started Interior Solutions, a full-scale interior design firm. Based in Winston-Salem, N.C., the firm specializes in design for law firms and senior living facilities.  With twenty years of experience designing law firms, Williams’ has… MORE

Bruce Maxwell

Should you need someone to assist you through the startup process, Bruce Maxwell has the expertise to ensure your company is built on a solid foundation. With a BA from Swarthmore College and an MBA from Stanford University, Bruce started Maxwell Consulting in January of 1998. He has assisted companies ranging from single entrepreneurs to… MORE

Ioannis Batsios

Ioannis Batsios

Tired of the instability in the film industry, Ioannis Batsios decided to pursue his other passion – web design and computer programming.  “While working on a feature film, I came up with a website design that could support the film industry. The only problem, I didn’t know enough about web design to build it. I… MORE

Kris Fulk

Kris Fulk is an exceptionally talented photographer who captures the essence of each person or object she is shooting. Born in Laguna, Philippines, she and her parents immigrated to New York City when she was just ten years old. After a career in the US military, she pursued her passion in art history, photography and… MORE

James Gledhill

James Gledhill followed a winding path to a career in digital marketing and product development. It first began with an interest in film while he was a psychology student the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “While chairing the student film committee, I fell in love with producing, sharing films and creating experiences that… MORE