The Highlights: Tax Prep & Managing your Finances for Creative Entrepreneurs

With tax season upon us, it was the perfect time to hear from D’Andre Starnes from Starnes & Co. LLC!

D’Andre is a CPA and the founder of Starnes & Co. LLC, a creative financial consulting firm in the Winston-Salem area. Additionally, he and his wife, Maliquea, run an event space called Muse at the Mill. He is an expert in bookkeeping, taxes, and financial planning and holds a full-time position as a Senior Financial Analyst at Reynolds American.

D’Andre asked what our first reactions to taxes are. The words that Swerve participants shared were pain, stress, and tediousness! He explained that from his experience with clients, these feelings emerge as many creatives feel unprepared, unorganized, or uneducated about the financial side of their business. Hence, the importance of D’Andre’s February Swerve talk.  After hearing from numerous Swerve members about the stress of remembering dates and sorting out forms that need to be filed, CCE wanted to provide some financial insight for this tax season.

Here are the five areas that D’Andre discussed and provided insight on at the February Swerve event:

  1. Prepare for Deadlines
  2. Prepare your Receipts
  3. Organize with Categories
  4. Know your Tax Deductions
  5. Utilize your Resources

There were great questions from our Swerve community. D’Andre shared a few tools to make tax time a little simpler, including Discount Efile, which is a great software to create & file 1099s at just $4.50 a form!

Swerve members please take a look online for D’Andre’s presentation and our Live stream in the Swerve Facebook Community group page! To find other events and expand your network, be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as well.


Our thanks to Nicole Gentles for taking beautiful photos of the February Swerve Event.

We look forward to seeing you on March 21st at 11:30 for our next Swerve event with speaker Jason Drass! Jason is the Co-Founder of Bull & Beard, an agency collective backed by over 500 vetted-and-vouched-for specialized agencies.  Jason and his team have a plethora of experience in marketing essentials, such as: streaming media, email campaigns, and producing websites. At this event, we will be tackling email marketing and how to change your emails from what seems like a can of Spam to a delicious dish for your customers!

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