The Highlights: Goal Setting for your Strongest Year & Swerve Holiday Social

Perhaps it’s the holiday season but our November and December Swerve events have left us feeling extra grateful for our Swerve members and all of the wonderful guests who joined us.

While calendars tend to fill up this time of year we were thrilled to have two back to back Swerve events filled with creative community members!

Center for Creative Economy Action Coach

In November we were joined by a returning Swerve Speaker, Mary Ann Hauser!

Mary Ann is an award winning certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, a top international Business Coaching company. She works with companies in specific areas depending on their needs and goals. Her aim is to help small business owners spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON your business.  She also helps you put the fun back in your business and your life!

November’s topic was Goal Setting for Your Strongest Year, and with Mary Ann’s direction we learned the importance of spending as much time planning your life as you do planning your business. She shared that the best way to build your creative business to reflect the life you want is to systemize your business!  

Center for Creative Economy Action Coach

Center for Creative Economy Swerve

Center for Creative Economy Action Coach

Here are her 9 Steps to Systematizing a Business…

  1. Vision Statement
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Culture Statement
  4. SMART Goals
  5. Organization Chart
  6. Positional Contracts
  7. KPI’s
  8. How To Systems
  9. Management Systems

With a brand new year ahead, it is a great time to put the right systems in place and set intentional goals for your creative business!

Center for Creative Economy Swerve Social

Next, in December CCE hosted our annual Swerve Holiday Social the first week of December at the Creative Community Lab!

We had a wonderful turnout and attendees were able to let loose and enjoy socializing after a year of hard work building our businesses and growing our customer base.  

During this fun filled evening we enjoyed an activity that allowed attendees to share a few things about themselves and foster connections within the group. We asked each participant to share the following things:

  • What is your creative venture?
  • What is one thing you need help with?  
  • What is one thing you could offer or help someone else with?

It may sound simple but it was incredible to see the conversations that developed from these three questions. There were several creatives in each group who didn’t know each other when the activity began, and by the end they found a great person to connect with. At the end of the evening members from each group shared their responses with the larger group and captured some really unique asks and offers!

Center for Creative Economy Swerve Social Center for Creative Economy Swerve Social

We look forward to another great year of Swerve in 2019 and invite you to be a part of the fun every month.

This January we have Swerve Speaker, Karen Barnes of Venture Cafe presenting on Navigating the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in and around the Triad on January 17th.

Those who attended the Swerve Holiday Social may have heard that CCE is offering a free ticket to Swerve for all first time guests with the code: SWERVEALERT at checkout. This is a great opportunity for new guests to try Swerve. So we encourage you to invite a friend and help them start their year off with a warm, supportive community for creatives to grow and connect!

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