The Highlights: Creating a Social Media Strategy That Works for You



Our August Swerve event was packed to the brim with valuable content and amazing creatives!

This month’s Swerve speaker, Joshua Moyer helped CCE serve up a wonderful Swerve event. Joshua is the Social Media Manager for the Modern Automotive Network, serving all 15 dealerships of the network. He is responsible for the social and reputation management for the company as well as managing 70+ social media accounts! Additionally, Joshua is the owner of Dichotomy, LLC, an entertainment company providing the highest quality musical entertainment for any event in the greater Triad area.

His presentation on social media provided exactly what so many small business owners need- a strategy that helps them work smarter and not harder! Joshua shared his favorite tips and tools for honing in on your ideal audience across each platform while staying organized and making the greatest impact possible.


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Here are three takeaways from our August Swerve event that you can apply to your creative business’s social media strategy today.

Put the Right Systems in Place

As social media has become one of the largest marketing resources a company has to reach its audience, the amount of time and energy spent on it has increased exponentially. While larger businesses often have a team or point person over social media, small business owners are often left managing it themselves. This is where taking the time to implement the right systems into your social media strategy can be a major game changer!

Scheduling posts ahead of time across your social media platforms can add hours of valuable time back to your schedule. Joshua’s favorite resources include scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social, both of which offer free trials to see which may be right for you. Learning the impact that your social media efforts have are just as important which is why using a tool like SquareLovin to increase your customer engagement and ROI can be incredibly helpful.

Collaborate With Outside Brands

One of the most overlooked added values of social media are the endless amounts of partnerships opened up to business owners. Social media is the perfect opportunity to gain visibility with other brands and create engagement you both can benefit from. Adding just a small amount of effort to building relationships across different brands on social media can create more organic traffic and engagement for your business.

An example of this is implementing hashtags that suit your brand’s topic or audience when creating posts. According to Wikipedia, adding hashtags makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Joshua suggests spending some time researching the best hashtags for your specific audience or niche, as customers and clients often find businesses this way online. Another way to connect with other brands is to tag them or backlink to their social media accounts or website. This not only highlights their business on your platform, but allows their audience to find you as well. There are also numerous benefits to strengthening SEO for both parties through backlinking.

Think outside the box and get personal with high value brands that you would like to partner with more personally and invite them to partake in a giveaway or social media collaboration of some kind. Relationships translate online as much as they do offline when it comes to social media impact.

Keep Things Consistent

Once you put the right systems in place and hone in on the right content strategy for your creative business the hardest part can be staying consistent. Trust us when we say that this is one of the most important factors in growing a strong social network behind your brand.

Consistency in the quantity of your posts as well as the quality are important to connecting with your audience. Suggested tools for scheduling posts as mentioned above come in helpful when trying to stay consistent but also remembering that the goal is to have your audience know when and where to find you. Whether you post three times a day on all social media platforms or once a day on only two, the important thing is to be consistent. Remember to keep the quality of posts consistent as well. Similar to the standards you set for the products or services your business offers, the content you create should follow suit.


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Social media can be overwhelming if you don’t take the time to get organized and plan out your creative business strategy. You want to get the most out of your time and efforts so put to use some of the above resources and advice and see how you can impact your current strategy to make it work for you.

CCE hopes to see you at the next event on September 25th for Creative Startups Winston-Salem Demo Night. It’s going to be an incredible evening!

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