Highlights: “Create Out-of-Network Connections”

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Crafting your Pitch, was the theme for the first Swerve Meetup of 2016 on January 21st. Diane Reinhold, David Horth, and Janet Carlson of the Center for Creative Leadership, provided insights on how to create a compelling pitch, or attention grabber, that attracts customers to your company or idea.

According to David Horth, “A winning pitch includes the benefits your product or service has to offer, not just its features.” It must stand on its own and be self-explanatory. This 1-2 sentence phrase is called a logline. It should be compelling, clearly stating the benefits of the product, and is not merely a tagline. David stressed that the success of a company is based not only on the products it produces, but how it relates to its customers. “Innovation is about connecting ideas to ideas, ideas to people, and people to people.”

IMG_5521The CCL team engaged the Swerve participants in small groups to brainstorm the benefits that Swerve offers. Members feedback included: developing face-to-face relationships, making connections to creative gems, getting feedback on business projects, hearing speakers relevant to our business, and getting inspired.

Once a person determines their organization’s benefits, they can create a logline. This is a short and memorable statement to grab attention that focuses on benefits. Swerve participants were intrigued to learn the CCL team’s secrets to a creating a compelling logline. This concept is also used by Hollywood to promote movies.

Swerve members then focused on creating a logline for Swerve. A few of these include:

  • A dynamic group of creative professionals, dedicated to growing an inspired community. Build relationships, share creative ideas, and grow professionally in a quick format, while sharing lunch with friends.
  • The synergy of art and business to find new paths
  • A hub where independent creatives can meet, mingle, connect, and collaborate.

IMG_5527Next, Swerve participants focused on loglines for their individual companies, products or services. They took the content shared by CCL facilitators to create their own loglines. Everyone then shared these during the networking session and received feedback from Swerve colleagues.

The room was alive and inspired during the January meetup. Members’ testimonials include:

“I really enjoy the meetings and love how Swerve brings creative people together and allows them to network.” Dean White, of White’s Design

“Swerve enhances awareness of the Triad as the creative center for North Carolina.” JD Wilson, of Excalibur Direct Marketing

Group SwerveJanDon’t miss out on all the benefits that Swerve has to offer! Visit SwerveTriad.com to get more information, learn how you can get involved, attend, and become a member.

The next meetup will be Thursday, February 18th with the topic, Getting Investor Ready. Guest speaker will be Dalton Grein, Fund Executive of the Piedmont Angel Network.

Swerve participants – Share your loglines, along with your business, below! Get feedback from the Swerve community!

2 comments on “Highlights: “Create Out-of-Network Connections”

  1. Cheryl Schirillo on

    The last Swerve event where we did some “serious play” with our business pitches/loglines was fabulous. Not only was I able to refine my elevator speech about Bridges’ new Mindfulness Training Programs into to something more compelling… I also made a valuable new contact that is quickly turning into a new friend and valuable client. Thank you Swerve Community!


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