The Conversation: Angel Investors Want To Hear From You!

Piedmont Angel Network Dalton Grein SwerveDid you know there are Piedmont angel investors eagerly waiting to learn more about your business? According to Dalton Grein, investor for the Piedmont Angel Network (PAN), getting in front of angel investors starts with a simple phone call, followed by a coffee date.

There are angel investor groups all across the country looking for business opportunities to fund, as well as entrepreneurs to mentor. Do you have a solid business idea that solves a problem and reaches a large market area? Then angel investment firms want to hear from you!

“Although most referrals to angel investment firms are from attorneys or certified public accountants, individuals can contact PAN directly,” mentioned Dalton. “A 50 page business plan is not necessary during the initial meeting. However, having a concise problem statement is important.” Knowing your industry and market sector could potentially earn you a second meeting with the investor’s screening committee, and hopefully an invitation to pitch to the network’s membership.

PAN typically funds startups that will “likely” generate a cash return 10 times greater than the initial investment. “Out of a portfolio of 10 companies we invest in, 4 are going to fail. For this reason, we have to require a high return. It’s the one company that has a high return that provides 90% of the return for the portfolio. This is why we need a large enough market size to achieve the desired return for investors,” said Dalton.

While the firm typically invests in companies with large markets and a projected high return, there are other angel fund options available. Dalton will share these options with the creative community at the February 18th Swerve Meetup!

Admission to the Getting Investor Ready program is free for Swerve members and $20 for non-members. Lunch is included and registration is required. To become a member or to register for this program, visit

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