Highlights: “Sharing Your Pitch”

_DSC4762editA large crowd returned for the St. Patrick’s Day Swerve Meetup – Sharing Your Pitch. J.D. Wilson of Excalibur Direct Marketing kicked off the program, sharing his experience in helping creatives start ventures. JD is a successful entrepreneur who started his own direct marketing company 44 years ago. He has served on a wide range of community boards, and has chaired or led campaigns that have raised more than $100 million. JD has attended Swerve regularly since its launch and believes strongly in Swerve’s ability to be a “leadership hub for growing a robust creative economy”. (photo credit: Bruce Chapman)

JDJD Wilson’s remarks centered around 6 P’s :

PEOPLE, who are
PLAN for a convincing
PITCH that shows they are willing to

As JD has mentored and helped creative theatre companies over the years, he finds that success consistently involves COLLABORATION. “Perhaps that speaks to the fact that in Creative endeavors, different key talents or strengths are needed? Or maybe it says Creatives are natural Collaborators—and ENJOY HELPING EACH OTHER”, JD remarked. He finds that funding decisions “always come down to the People and their Passion, and often is a gut level decision on the part of the investor. “

Following these remarks, Swerve members were invited to share their pitches. An application and selection process was set up by CCE, and the following Swerve members presented.

The Core Design Agency– Mona King, and Devora Black, principals; Provides training, branding and guidance for creatives to achieve success with design and product development.

IB sharing your pitchFeaturama – Ioannis Batsios; A social media website that brings people with similar interests together. Like Facebook and Pinterest having a baby!

The Olio, Inc. – Rebeccah Byer; A full service glassblowing studio, gallery and teaching facility offering programs for all ages and interest levels. The Olio offers a Youth Apprentice program for ages 14-24 to whom they teach furnace glassblowing and entrepreneurial skills.

In Ovation – Damian and Keegan Blankenship; An events production, marketing and promotion company dedicated to producing unique and engaging live events in the community. They will showcase a diverse selection of national and regional artists.

A distinguished panel of judges provided feedback and scored the presentations.

The judges included:

Diane Reinhold, Center for Creative Leadership
Malay Shah, Piedmont Angel Network
JD Wilson, Excalibur Direct Marketing
Allan Younger, Forsyth Tech Small Business Center

Prizes were awarded to each of the presenters which included an hour consultation with one of the judges. The Grand Prize for Best Presentation was awarded to Rebeccah Byer from The Olio. She received a one-week pass at Flywheel coworking space. Congratulations to all presenters! Thanks to everyone attending for providing feedback and questions.

groupThe next Swerve Meetup, Protecting Your Creative Works, will take place on April 21st. Speaker, Harris Henderson of Kilpatrick Townsend, will share the how, when, and what of Copyright, and also discuss Trademark Laws. Register now!

Don’t miss out on all the benefits that Swerve has to offer! Visit SwerveTriad.com to get more information, learn how you can get involved, attend, and become a member.

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