The Highlights: Identifying Your Target Customer

Swerve Kellie Easton_Center for Creative Economy

October was another terrific month for Swerve! We had several new faces among the group as well as some of our regular Swerve members in attendance which made for great discussion!

When our team sees guests continuing to connect long after the event time ends, we know it’s been a great event!

Swerve Kellie Easton_Center for Creative Economy

This month, Swerve featured Kellie Easton for an informative presentation on “Identifying Your Target Customer”.

Kellie Easton is the COO and strategist at Easton Reid Group, Inc. with extensive experience in public relations, brand management, community and government relations, businesses development, and strategic marketing. Kellie’s experience spans across multiple industries including B2B, B2C, advocacy, entrepreneurship, association management, personal and professional development, and hospitality. She is passionate about women and minority business, advocacy, and serving and building the community for a more altruistic culture.

Swerve Kellie Easton_Center for Creative Economy

Here are three key takeaways from Kellie’s presentation that you can apply to your own creative business when it comes to identifying your target customer.

The better you know your audience, the better you can serve them.

If you are selling a product or service, having a key understanding of who you are reaching is key to success. Many businesses make the mistake of spending all of their time and energy on learning everything they can about their product and not the purchaser. When you carve out key demographics and psychographics for your customer and learn things about their lives, you can connect with them on a greater level and serve them powerfully.

Think about how the content you share can improve your customer’s lives.

When a business is creating content for marketing campaigns or a website, creating a real sense of relationship between your customer and your brand is important. Think long and hard about the challenges that your customer is facing in his or her life and how what you offer can translate into a real solution. Perhaps your customer is a millennial female college student who experiences homesickness and desires to make new friendships. Crafting a relevant perspective in your branding and content marketing that provides a sense of community will actually improve the quality of your customer’s life by evoking a sense of belonging.

Get into the minds of those who purchase to position your product or service effectively.

Once you understand who your ideal customer is and what challenges they are facing, it’s important to learn how your business fits into their lives. Are you selling a product that they need or want? Is it a luxury item that makes them feel good about treating themselves or a staple item that they purchase when the need arises? Have you thought about how your customer purchases from you; ecommerce transaction on their mobile device or walking into a storefront in their local shopping center? Understanding your customer’s mindset and purchasing motives will help you position what you’re selling so it invites them to buy from you as seamlessly as possible.

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