The Highlights: Unlocking Creativity Through Play


On Thursday January 25th, Dr. Shirley Disseler,  a leading educator from High Point University presented “How to Unlock Your Creativity through Play” to the Swerve audience. Shirley’s presentation was informative, interactive, and fun! The participants played with legos, built pyramids from solo cups, and sketched their fellow Swerve members. There was much to take away from this event, and below are some highlights.

Creativity is #1

Did you know that “creativity is the most crucial factor for future success in business?”  This fact from the IBM’s 2010 global study of CEO’s revealed that companies are looking for this trait when hiring. Dr. Disseler and her team at High Point University have built on this study to develop educational methods for unlocking creativity in both children and adults.  It is great to know that creativity and play are valued in business.  Creative individuals have much to offer in this area, and are well served to lead business and drive positive outcomes and results. 

Clear your mind and focus

Taking a break from the everyday grind to pick up a rubik’s cube, play a game, or take a walk, is the key to clearing your head in order to perform at a higher level. Play triggers endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemicals. This “endorphin rush” releases stress, and allows one to look at tasks from a calm state of being.  



The Power of Play In The Workplace

Stressful work environments squash creativity and can cause the best team members to lose interest. A negative environment can result in higher costs for the company, due to turn over and frequently training new employees. By incorporating play into the work space, leaders can reduce the overall stress level of the company. Happy team members, equals higher profits. Shirley led Swerve attendees in numerous interactive play sessions to demonstrate how this works.  A few  play examples include:

  • Cooperative Play
  • Risk Taking Play
  • Constructive Play
  • Exploratory Play
  • Narrative Play and Story Telling
  • Physical Play

The use of Play in the workplace as a planning tool, reflection tool, or stress reliever provides a signal to employees that “against the grain creativity” is encouraged!

Many thanks to Shirley for sharing her time and knowledge with everyone at Swerve. She and her team at HPU are making major strides in America’s education system and addressing the creativity crisis the country faces today. You can follow her on social media to learn more about her work and mission!

Dr. Shirley Disseler’s Linkedin and Instagram – @legolady6

What’s happening in February? 

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One comment on “The Highlights: Unlocking Creativity Through Play

  1. Debra Perret on

    Dr. Disseler’s work was remarkably refreshing to experience and quite timely in this era of need for cooperative play and creating trust among diverse teams in short order. In our American approach to work, and even to all other pursuits our daily lives, we oftentimes focus on productivity, productivity, productivity. Which mainly translates into get more done, sooner, better, faster, and usually for the most gain possible. The effect of living that lifestyle daily wipes out the opportunity for creative play, daydreaming, personal one-on-one conversation about projects we are creating, and time for self-reflection. The net effect of that is that it reduces our creativity, thwarts our ability to personally community with others, diminishes our empathy, and often, detrimentally affects our personal relationships.

    This amazing workshop on Creativity and Play in the Workplace should be experienced by all who are devoted to enhancing creativity in their businesses, selves, and families. The fact that America ranks 11th in creativity in the workplace should be of serious concern to all who want our country to continue to be a leader in developing the best scientists, inventors, processes, and products to lead the way to a bright tomorrow for our world and our human population.

    Thank you, Dr. Disseler! I will avidly be following your work. And good luck on launching your newest endeavor, Brick Ed on the Move, LLC.


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