Highlights: Social Media & It’s Value

phpdtn0g2am“Create your LinkedIn profile with your most important viewer in mind,” encouraged social media mogul, Teddy Burriss, during the August Swerve MeetUp. Burriss provided a high energy presentation that shifted the way we look at social media. The Swerve audience responded with great questions and shared their experiences.

According to Teddy there are four 4 steps to creating business value using Social Media:

Build a Professional Presence
Build Meaningful & Relevant Network(s)
Build a Professional Reputation
Prospect for new connections

He helped us fully understand how our presence on social media provides the opportunity to be found by viewers and customers. This can especially be valuable through SEO on social media. In regards to relevant networks, Teddy cautioned that it is not beneficial to accept all requests on LinkedIn. “Choose your network wisely.” This directly affects your professional reputation. When prospecting for new connections ask someone you’re already connected to bridge the gap for you. Warning: Do Not Cold Call on Social Media.

phpr059ryamTeddy also mapped out how we typically categorize our networks. It boiled down to three areas:

  • Family & Friends Network
  • Business & Career Network
  • Community & Civic Network

He stressed the best way to grow your networks in life is to let them organically overlap. Intentionally keeping them separate limits your reach. This philosophy applies to all social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. As it specifically relates to LinkedIn, Teddy shared that you should ask people you have worked with for recommendations and write them deliberately. A simple example is “Dear_____, I did_______ for you. I believe I added ________ value. Would you write my recommendation?”

The Swerve session closed with an explanation of the Social Selling Index (SSI) and how it works. The below image shows an example of Teddy’s SSI from that day. Teddy then offered the “LinkedIn Throwdown Challenge” where 6 months from now the winner will be declared and receive 1 month of coaching with Teddy at no cost! Teddy’s remarks were right on point and his dynamism was contagious. He definitely motivated Swerve members to work on their social media in a more focused way.  Thank you Teddy!teddy-ssi

Don’t miss out on all the benefits that Swerve has to offer! Visit SwerveTriad.com to get more information, learn how you can get involved, attend, and become a member. The next meetup, Business Planning, will be held on October 20th  with guest speaker Mary Ann Hauser of ActionCOACH.


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