Highlights: Relationships = Profits

margaret-and-magalie-november-22-2016-4The November Swerve Meetup featured Heather Allen, author of Let Your Creativity Work for  You.  Our audience of creative business owners and artists learned various techniques for developing customers.  Heather began by asking if our audience had experienced these situations:

Do you have multiple passions & creative offerings?
Do you have multiple customer audiences for your passions & creative offerings?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of options for marketing and selling online?
Is cultivating a fanbase of buyers a top priority for your business?

She shared that the “probability of selling to an existing customer is 60—70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is (only) 5—20%.” Heather reminded us that the best way to keep existing customers coming back is to cultivate an audience and build relationships. This will help maintain cash flow and attract revenue faster. Fostering the relationships with new and current customers also makes it easier to develop long-term, repeat sales and leads to more opportunities.

let-your-creativity-work-for-you-2So, how to do this?  Many ideas were suggested including:

  • Get out there….go to networking events, host events yourself, and hang out in coffee shops!
  • Keep your website current and up to date – provide an opt in on your site to capture emails
  • Post interesting content to keep people coming back
  • Refresh regularly with new photos, images and artwork
  • Offer blogs to engage your customers

The content you provide to your customers is vital

  • Share the behind the scenes of your creations
  • Provide a tutorial or video to help people engage with your product
  • Tell the story of your work
  • Invite people to experience your work in person
  • Unveil your work at a special occasion!
  • Legal status is important; know how much you can share in order to protect your work

margaret-and-magalie-november-22-2016-3-1Loyal customers are worth up to ten times the amount of a first time purchase.  So keep up these relationships so you can stay engaged.  You need to be visible so customers know where they can find you.  Establish your public persona, and get out there!

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