Highlights: Mentorships~ Finding the Right Fit

mentorships“A mentor is not a sponsor, a role model, or a job coach,” Chad Cheek announced to the room during the May Swerve MeetUp. “It’s all about affinity.” Chad, President of Elephant In The Room, shared his expertise when it comes to successful mentorships. He explained the difference between formal and informal mentoring relationships. Swerve members and guests leaned in as he broke down how one relationship has a shelf life and the other is boundless and can last for years.

Chad discussed that mentoring is about leadership and reminded us that great leaders attract other leaders and equip them to be better. A core message he shared with the audience is that when seeking a mentor it is imperative that you know yourself and your emotional intelligence as it relates to others. “Mentoring is who you are as much as what you do.” Chad provided tips on developing a mentoring mindset. He also shared great advice on what to look for, how to approach, and goals of these relationships. These included:

What to look for:

  • A leader
  • Someone that doesn’t need anything from you
  • Honesty

rsz_img_0005How to approach:

  • Offer to buy coffee, lunch, or a drink
  • Ask for 15 minutes of time; take only 15 minutes
  • Be gracious
  • Follow up

Relationship Goals:

  • Interpersonal learning
  • Continued unstructured engagement
  • Growth as a leader
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater command of The Fundamentals

SWERVE May Program 2016 pic-3Chad closed the MeetUp with a “Who do you have a crush on?” exercise that engaged the audience in truly evaluating who they would want as a mentor. The May MeetUp was inspiring, and the Swerve community thanks Chad Cheek for sharing his Mentoring message with us!

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The next meetup, Polish your Pitch with Improv, will be held on June 16th with guest speaker Jen Brown of The Engaging Educator.

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