Final Swerve Launch Event

Center for Creative Economy wrapped up its three-event launch of SWERVE, the new hub for creative individuals and businesses in the Triad. The room was alive and inspired after hearing Kyle Webster, internationally-award winning illustrator, talk about his journey to success.

taneka kyleKyle began the presentation advising how to position your brand on the web and with social media. For many creative businesses today networking and building a large social media following is an important key to success. Promoting your brand and demonstrating your uniqueness is very important. Kyle also shared that providing value and showing gratitude makes all the difference. Your customers need to know they are valued for the relationship and synergy they bring,not just for the income to your business. Stay in touch with your customers and ask how you can be helpful to them.  He went on to discuss several other tips that have helped him to grow his brand.

swerveKyle shared with the forty plus people in attendance, “I’ve failed about one-hundred thousand times, and succeeded four.” Obviously, his success didn’t happen overnight, but with constant focus, extreme hardwork, and determination, Kyle’s name is now known all around the world.

The Dec 3 final launch event was a great success, concluding with a line of attendees waiting to sign-up and become Swerve Members. Triad Creatives are realizing the value Swerve brings in helping develop their businesses. Kyle inspired the attendees and the vibe was electric with creative individuals excitedly sharing their passions and ideas for business.

So what are YOU waiting for?! Visit to get more information on the program and learn how you can become a member.  Check out all the benefits Swerve has to offer! The next meetup will be January 21st with the topic, Crafting Your Pitch. Guest speakers will be Diane Reinhold and David Horth from the Center for Creative Leadership. Don’t miss out!

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  1. Drew Jones on

    I create YouTube videos on mysterious, anomalous or unexplained events that capture the imagination. I live in Greensboro and would be interested in learning more about Swerve.


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