Highlights: Dream. Plan. Act.

img_1528-2The October 20th Swerve event featured Mary Ann Hauser in a dynamic program focused on getting organized so your business can succeed. Mary Ann ranks as one of the top 100 business coaches in the world, and is the owner of one of the largest Action Coach firms in North Carolina.  Each week she mentors twenty small businesses one on one and coaches hundreds of others in groups.  Here are some of her secrets.

Dream – Vision what you want to achieve with your business and WRITE IT DOWN.  Stop after your brainstorming and take stock of what you want to achieve.  Know your competition and the market you are entering and what you want to achieve.

Goal- Establish concrete goals you need to achieve to fulfill that dream

Plan – Carefully work out the steps you will take in detail. She suggests a 90-day plan is the best model.  Business environments change rapidly so you need to reevaluate every 90 days.

Action – Work your plan!

It is a known fact that those leaders that write down their goals have higher revenues. A Harvard Business School study reports that only 3% of people have written goals and plans. These people earn ten times the wealth of the 97% combined over a ten-year time frame.

Mary Ann shared a formula for earning revenue to get your business to profitability.

img_0369-1Number of Leads
Conversion Rate
Number of Customers
Number of Transactions
Average $$$ Sale

Put the current numbers of your business into this equation, and see where you stand.

Mary Ann advised if you have extra revenue, buy people or systems that will help you be more efficient.  “Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.”

Suggested books include “Think and Grow Rich”  Napoleon Hill
The Compound Effect,  Darren Hardy img_0398-1-1

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