The Conversation: Unlocking Creativity Through Play


“Ding, ding.”

“Another notification just went off on your devices, and your head is cluttered with tons of tasks, personal priorities, and oh yeah, you need to eat as well!”

“What to do?”

One could step away and get some coffee to temporarily fill the void… MMMM Coffee. However, before you know it, 5 cups of coffee have been consumed. At this point you are extremely wired, and realize you have not begun to put a dent into your growing task list.

From a creative entrepreneur’s point of view, this scenario has likely happened countless times in the day-to-day grind. The curse of disorganization and sporadic thoughts can consume our work and personal lives, to the point of exhaustion.




Did you know there is a better way to work?

By incorporating play into your workflow it can allow you to clear your mind and help boost creativity.

You may be thinking . . .

“Why would I incorporate play into my work schedule? I’m already pressed for time as it is, and I couldn’t imagine a single benefit from taking a break to play during work hours.”  

Well Guess What?!

Psychiatrist Stuart Brown, MD compares play to oxygen. He talked about the power of play in his Tedx talk in 2008! So this concept has been known for quite some time now. So why don’t we play more often?

Here are 3 of the Most Important Benefits of Playing During Work. . .

1. Play Relieves Stress

Play triggers endorphins which is the body’s natural feel good chemicals. These feel good chemicals put us in a state of well being and can even help to relieve pain.

2. Improve your brain function

Playing games that challenges our brains and allows us to utilize our critical thinking on something other than work tasks does something quite powerful. Not only does this help to improve our memory and critical thinking skills, but it can allow us take our minds off of a project. This allows us to clear our minds and reassess the project.  

3. Stimulates the mind and boosts creativity

This leads us to one of the most amazing affects that play has on our workflows. Taking our minds off of a project and using our brains on something fun, helps to boost our creativity. Have you ever stepped away from a project for a night and came back the following morning to find that your creativity was flowing? Well, now imagine taking a  30-60 minute break to completely immerse yourself into something fun. After returning from your break you will feel refreshed and ready to create!




Want to learn how to Unlock Your Creativity Through Play? The Jan 25th Swerve event features guest speaker Shirley Disseler, PhD. Disseler is an associate professor in the School of Education at High Point University, and serves on the Global LEAP Panel as a Lego Education Specialist for North America.

She says that learning through play, such as Lego brick building is a great way to foster creativity, engage with others and to do so in a judgement free environment.“One of the best things a business can do to alter the creation of free form ideas is to encourage team members to engage in brick play model building.”   She will lead the Swerve attendees in several fun, playful activities.

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