The Conversation: Getting Your Business in Shape for 2018 with Mary Ann Hauser of Action Coach

The biggest challenge for most startups is not having enough time for life, according to Mary Ann Hauser, who is an award-winning certified Business Coach with the business franchise, Action Coach. With the right planning, you can have both – a successful business and time for life’s many pleasures. But how?

Achieving a work/life balance can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It starts with having concrete goals. “You have to spend as much time planning your life as you plan your business. Why? Because your business should support your life,” said Mary Ann Hauser.

When it comes to life planning, there are key questions you need to ask yourself. How much time do you want to work? What health changes, diet goals, and spiritual goals do you want to achieve? Where do you want to travel? What are those important things in life you want to do? How much will it cost to do those things?

Once you have a clear understanding of your life goals, it’s now time to take a good look at your business. Will your business support your personal goals? Here are a few things to consider. What are your revenue goals? What is your budget? How much marketing will you need to do to increase revenue to meet your goal? What is the relationship between your marketing budget and your profitability? “Remember, marketing is an expense to grow your business,” said Mary Ann Hauser.

Mary Ann also recommends for businesses to know and to track key performance indicators to ensure the business is achieving its goals. Reviewing the profit-loss statement regularly will also provide insight into your businesses progress.

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