The Highlights: Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

The May Swerve event was held in a new venue. Our colleagues at Winston Starts in the GMAC building invited Swerve to check out their new digs. The presentation space was lovely, and participants were treated to tours of the two floors that encompass Winston Starts. It was fun to learn about this program and see how the entrepreneurs are getting launched in this new venue.

Our speaker, Jeff SanGeorge, served up a comprehensive session on Google Analytics. As a Principal and Strategic Digital Marketer of Magnetic Ideas in Greensboro, Jeff emphasized how vital google analytics is in developing a competitive marketing strategy and how to interpret those analytics to create goals and manage results.

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is easier than you think. It’s free to use and integrates seamlessly with other tools. It provides both reporting and analysis that help you understand where your website visitors are coming from and exactly where they spend time on your website. The reporting component is primarily data collection and covers the “Who, What, When, Where, and How” of website usage. The analysis covers the “Why” or intent of users which provides important insight into ways to develop your strategy to attract more customers.

Setup Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics has specific segments designed to help you set goals for your website. When it comes to business strategy it’s all about setting SMART goals. “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based” goals. The goals you set for your website should not only be designed with the same structure, but they ultimately should help you achieve your business goals. Take a look at components of Google Analytics and decide where there are opportunities for growth. Whether it’s a destination goal, a duration goal, or a goal to boost account creation, setting and monitoring benchmarks for progress will determine your website’s impact.

Get Certified with Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy does not require a formal enrollment but there is a lot of valuable, free education offered through the portal. They’ve constructed a program that offers walkthroughs of Google Analytics that cater to every experience level, from beginner to advanced. Use this program as a resource to assess the different components of Google Analytics and how you can grow consumer impact through managing your website.

Use Your Analytics to Grow, Learn, and Thrive

Google Analytics is easy to use, free, and can be integrated with many parts of your business. With the Google Analytics Academy there are opportunities for growth and improvement, and Jeff encouraged Swerve members to get engaged with this tool. It will help you define how Google Analytics can serve the needs of your business at any level. And once you’ve mastered setting SMART website goals and tracking analytics, you will have all the tools necessary for creating a precise, meaningful marketing strategy that will convert impressions into customers.

The next Swerve event is a Creative Social event on Tuesday June 19 at 5:30pm at the Creative Community Lab, 300 S. Liberty St., in Winston-Salem. Join us and explore how Swerve can help your business grow!

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