The Highlights: Identifying Your Target Customer

October was another terrific month for Swerve! We had several new faces among the group as well as some of our regular Swerve members in attendance which made for great discussion! When our team sees guests continuing to connect long after the event time ends, we know it’s been a great event! This month, Swerve… MORE

The Highlights: Creating a Social Media Strategy That Works for You

    Our August Swerve event was packed to the brim with valuable content and amazing creatives! This month’s Swerve speaker, Joshua Moyer helped CCE serve up a wonderful Swerve event. Joshua is the Social Media Manager for the Modern Automotive Network, serving all 15 dealerships of the network. He is responsible for the social… MORE

The Highlights: Why Google Analytics?

The May Swerve event was held in a new venue. Our colleagues at Winston Starts in the GMAC building invited Swerve to check out their new digs. The presentation space was lovely, and participants were treated to tours of the two floors that encompass Winston Starts. It was fun to learn about this program and… MORE

The Conversation: How to use your Google Analytics

Great marketing starts with good data and good coffee. That’s according to Jeff SanGeorge, CEO and Founder of Magnetic Ideas. Jeff will help Swerve attendees on May 17th answer the question, “What data should you capture from your website and how?” Google Analytics is a free, robust program which can provide you with the data… MORE

The Conversation: Making your pitch, pitch perfect

  Making your pitch, pitch perfect? Whether you own a business, are starting a business, or work for a business, at some point you’re going to have to sell the product or service. “Know matter what one’s function is in business, everybody is in sales,” said Will Spivey, one of the judges for Swerve’s pitch… MORE

The Highlights: 3 Effective Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

In March, the Swerve Community was treated to Carol Reeve’s high value presentation- Marketing on a Shoestring Budget. The information was informative and beneficial for any business that has a minimal marketing budget. Carol shared many helpful tips, but we’ve chosen three takeaways to share and help improve your marketing efforts today!   No Foundation… MORE

The Conversation: 6 Key Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

  It’s a proven fact, if you want your product or service to generate revenue, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. But what do you do if you’re working with limited funds? Are you thinking about spending all your marketing dollars on social media marketing? Think again. Social media is a cheap option,… MORE

The Highlights: Successful E-Commerce Strategies

Swerve attendees were treated to a upbeat February event and inspired by Daryl Shaw’s presentation on Strategies for E-Commerce success. Daryl focused on two primary strategies:  Trends and Media Channels. Current Marketing Trends Daryl shared that the E-Commerce market is divided into 5 main segments according to Statista’s E-Commerce 2017 Report.  Top E-Commerce Market Segments and… MORE

The Highlights: Unlocking Creativity Through Play

Recap On Thursday January 25th, Dr. Shirley Disseler,  a leading educator from High Point University presented “How to Unlock Your Creativity through Play” to the Swerve audience. Shirley’s presentation was informative, interactive, and fun! The participants played with legos, built pyramids from solo cups, and sketched their fellow Swerve members. There was much to take… MORE

The Conversation: Unlocking Creativity Through Play

“Ding, ding.” “Another notification just went off on your devices, and your head is cluttered with tons of tasks, personal priorities, and oh yeah, you need to eat as well!” “What to do?” One could step away and get some coffee to temporarily fill the void… MMMM Coffee. However, before you know it, 5 cups… MORE