The Highlights: The Ins + Outs of a Brand Redesign

October’s Swerve Meetup was a big one. For the past year, the Center for Creative Economy has been going through a brand redesign. CCE will celebrate its 10 year anniversary in 2021, so it has taken time to evaluate our accomplishments and look into the future. “For the past year we’ve done a lot of… MORE

November Member Spotlight: Kris Fulk

Meet Kris Fulk Born in Laguna, Philippines, Kris Fulk is a commercial photographer based in North Carolina. She immigrated to New York City when she was only 10 years old. In the fall of 2001, Kris was accepted into the fashion design program of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Witnessing the… MORE

October Member Spotlight: Kristie Staton, Creative Force

Meet Kristie Staton Kristie Staton has spent her entire career in creative communications. She learned early on that the most important element in a marketing message was centered on the customer experience. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Industrial Design, Kristie began her career in the exhibit industry, designing environmental exhibits that delivered immersive… MORE

The Highlights: Mentorship – A Panel Discussion

Our August Swerve Meetup was all about mentorship. We had a panel discussion to start a conversation around the importance of having a mentor and how to maintain a good mentor-mentee relationship. We invited Bruce Maxwell, Ray Mitchell, and Chris Wilson as panelists to share their experience as mentors and mentees. Shelby Newsome, CCE Marketing… MORE

The Highlights: Organize + Protect Your Creative Business

Jeff Wolfe and Lyle Gravatt, attorneys at Forrest Firm, lead our May Swerve Meetup to discuss how creative businesses can protect their intellectual property through the use of contracts and setting up the best legal structure for their businesses. Jeff works out of the Winston-Salem office, focusing his practice on business law for for-profit and… MORE

The Highlights: Using Creative Design for Innovation

Our April Swerve event was led by Sunny Su, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Paradigm Innovation. Sunny talked about letting go of assumptions around our customers and product, and using creative design to innovate, while being intentional and systematic. Sunny is an award-winning industrial/product designer and executive design director whose work has brought success… MORE

The Highlights: Building New Relationships with Direct Email Marketing

At this month’s Swerve event, Jason Drass, Co-Founder of Bull & Beard, spoke on a different email marketing strategy: creating new relationships through cold, unsolicited direct emails. After earning a master’s degree in Communication, Jason spent most of the last 25 years successfully producing hundreds of projects including websites, web & mobile applications, streaming media,… MORE

The Highlights: Tax Prep & Managing your Finances for Creative Entrepreneurs

With tax season upon us, it was the perfect time to hear from D’Andre Starnes from Starnes & Co. LLC! D’Andre is a CPA and the founder of Starnes & Co. LLC, a creative financial consulting firm in the Winston-Salem area. Additionally, he and his wife, Maliquea, run an event space called Muse at the… MORE

The Highlights: Navigating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

This January we kicked off the year with our Swerve Speaker, Karen Barnes from Venture Cafe Winston-Salem. Karen serves as the Executive Director for Venture Cafe, a weekly gathering that facilitates conversation between innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Karen is a lifelong entrepreneur with a background in journalism and marketing and a passion for inclusive and… MORE

The Highlights: Goal Setting for your Strongest Year & Swerve Holiday Social

Perhaps it’s the holiday season but our November and December Swerve events have left us feeling extra grateful for our Swerve members and all of the wonderful guests who joined us. While calendars tend to fill up this time of year we were thrilled to have two back to back Swerve events filled with creative… MORE