CEC SummitThe Creative Economy Coaltion, of which the CCE is a member, released a national report in September, 2013. This report studies the creative industries in 27 different states, the first time this work has been done in the US. CCE Executive Director, Margaret Collins co authored the report.

America’s Creative Economy: A Study of Recent Conceptions, Definitions, and Approaches to Measurement Across the US- Full Report

America’s Creative Economy: Executive Summary

The following reports were developed for the Piedmont Triad under the Wired grant for the Creative Economy Initiative funded by US Department of Labor

Piedmont Triad-NC Regional Strategic Plan Creative Enterprises and the Arts

CEC Summit 4

Architecture Feasibility Study

South Arts Creative Industries Report

In early 2012, South Arts, in Atlanta, GA released its research report which includes analysis of the creative industries in the Southeast as well as creative industry profiles for each of the nine Southern states.

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CEC Summit 3

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CEC Summit 6