Ramsey Belanoff

ramseyHow do you turn joblessness into success? Ask Ramsey Belanoff. After losing her sales job in 2014, Ramsey used her social media savviness to land a director of social media position with a startup company out of California. “I spent a lot of time on the internet, looking at articles, commenting on networks, connecting with people, joining groups.  Through the process, I gained a career mentor who encouraged me to join certain Linkedin groups. I didn’t realize at the time the manager of one of the groups was watching me. He eventually approached me and offered me a position. I’m a huge advocate of the hidden job market.” Ramsey’s current employer, Resources Design Network has rebranded and relaunched itself in which Ramsey played a major role. Thanks to Ramsey’s connections gained through Swerve and her knowledge of the Winston-Salem market, she’s not only helping the company with their social media positioning, she’s introduced her boss to the Winston-Salem market.


Why did Ramsey join Swerve?

“I’m forever indebted to Swerve because it springboarded what I’m doing as a profession and has introduced by boss to the Winston-Salem area.”

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