Kevin Watson

After editing a short fiction anthology project in 2001 for a New York City arts foundation, Kevin Watson realized his passion for publishing. “I lost my job in the airline industry in 2004, so I took the leap and started Press 53 in 2005   – a small publishing house of short fiction and poetry collections. I love finding the stories, working with the authors, designing the layout of the book, and sharing their work with the world,” said Kevin. Each year, Press 53 publishes up to five short fiction collections, up to eight poetry collections, and a couple of titles for Press 53’s Carolina Classics editions, which are books by North Carolina authors that are out of print. This small firm is cultivating its own market and doing quite well. What is Kevin’s secret? He and his editors only publish authors who have a track record of actively marketing their work and they only publish work they enjoy. “We find writing we love and then work to build an audience of readers who will learn to trust our judgment,” said Kevin.

Why did I join Swerve?

Publishing can be lonely. I usually work alone in my office. I enjoy getting out and connecting with other creative people.

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