Iris Fagundo Cole


CEO and Co-Founder of Do Good Artists, believes in the power of using creative forms (music, art, and design), to connect people and enable social change.

“We are a social enterprise that strategically partners the arts with other industries (such as technology, fashion, tourism, health, and more) in order to innovate and move the needle on social issues. By doing this, we are helping artists make a living doing what they love and creating products and initiatives that are helping break cycles of social and economic exclusion.”

Iris’ passion for combining her love for the arts with social issues began while working in the field of corporate social responsibility in the Caribbean.

“I always used the arts for bringing people to the table in a non-threatening way to find solutions for social issues.”

Currently Do Good Artists is partnering with North Carolina State University and the North Carolina School of the Arts to create a virtual reality video game to increase awareness of human trafficking.

“As people immerse themselves into the virtual world, we want them to learn about the root causes of trafficking, such as what makes people vulnerable.”

Do Good Artists launched in September of 2017 and has chosen Winston-Salem as its company base due to the City’s focus on arts and innovation. The company was also a participant in the Center for Creative Economy’s Creative Startup Accelerator in 2017.  

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