Ioannis Batsios

Ioannis Batsios

Tired of the instability in the film industry, Ioannis Batsios decided to pursue his other passion – web design and computer programming. 

“While working on a feature film, I came up with a website design that could support the film industry. The only problem, I didn’t know enough about web design to build it. I soon learned, there’s more to web design than I thought.”

Driven to succeed, Ioannis enrolled at Forsyth Tech, and recently graduated with an Associates in Web Design and Computer Programming. He’s attending UNCG this Fall and will major in Computer Programming. Although he left the film industry behind, he still uses his knowledge of composition and coding films for the web when building sites for clients.

“I design from the user’s perspective. For each website I build, I want each visitor to have a great experience, as well as understand and enjoy the website they are using.”

Ioannis is currently still working on his film website idea, contracting out his services, and seeking employment with a creative business.

How has Swerve supported my career goals?

“Swerve has helped me build my confidence by offering programming that further developed skills needed to interact with investors and business professionals.”

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