Cheryl Schirillo

Cheryl Schirillo Johnson, a marketing professional and former musician is now helping others to deal with stress, stay healthy and boost creativity and productivity. How? “Through meditation. “When I heard that Google, Apple and Duke University all promote their mindfulness programs as a key to innovation, stress relief, wellness, and employee retention within their organizations, I started wondering how I could offer similar programs in Winston-Salem through my company, Bridges Connecting Communities, Inc.,” said Cheryl. Working with beginners, advanced practitioners who are curious about how they can more effectively integrate mindfulness, meditation and peace into their everyday lives is what Cheryl enjoys most. “Practicing mindfulness has made a change for the better in my life. I’m mindful about when I need to access my creativity or when something stressful is happening and I need to press the reset button. Now, I enjoy teaching others to do the same.” Cheryl has studied Buddhist meditation and Native American and Peruvian nature practices for over a decade. She is also the owner of Schirillo Marketing and PR Inc., and Founder and Co-creator of Imagination Installations, a company where people can record their dreams and discover what others have shared using the statement Imagine When.


Why did I join Swerve?

“I was part of the Swerve movement in its early stages. I love that we have a new kind of hub, where we can help each other, design with each other, and stay connected online and offline,” said Cheryl. To connect with Cheryl and other creatives, join the Swerve movement. Visit us at

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