Brent Wickham

bwIt’s not a surprise that Brent Wickham is a successful and sought after industrial designer. Family and friends recognized his gift at an early age. “I spent my time sketching and taking apart toys and reusing the pieces to glue together new toys. But it was when a friend of the family gave me a book about technology and the future while I was in Junior High that changed everything. There was a small section in the book about automotive design and it had a photo of two students at Art Center College of Design doing a tape drawing of a car. I knew right then that’s what I wanted to do,” said Brent.  Since then, Brent has spent the past twenty years combining his passion for design with science, developing innovative products for a number of leading automotive, aviation, boating, and trucking companies as well as developing custom automotive designs for multimillionaires. Brent is currently a design manager for Technicon Design in Greensboro NC, providing design services globally for the transportation and product development sectors.

tdWhy did I join Swerve?

As creatives, we often work in silos, meeting others helps with idea generation and may lead to collaborative projects later.

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