Alan Bengston

bengstonIf you own a home, rent an apartment, or have children, chances are you’ve come across one of many products created by industrial designer, Alan Bengston. Pretty much anything and everything you can think of, Alan has designed – shower heads, stove top ranges, children’s toys, microwaves, refrigerators, door knobs, strollers and so much more. “I’ve designed for Whirlpool, Fisher Price, Kohler, Kitchen Aide and others. I use design thinking and brand language to enhance and help differentiate products for clients,” said Alan. Alan is the recipient of multiple design and industry awards including Consumer Reports #1 ratings, and has received more than 70 utility and design patents. He recently moved to the Winston-Salem area and is currently contracting his services to companies in need of a skilled industrial designer.

alan-madeWhy did I join Swerve?
“I’m new to the area and Swerve is a great way to make connections with the creative community.”

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