Led by creatives for creatives

Swerve Meeting 4Connecting creative people with each other and the projects that drive their work is the goal of Swerve. It’s a place where creatives meet in person and online to share ideas, and develop resources to grow their businesses.  Meetups are held monthly so creatives can network, find answers to problems, identify talent, and future business investment.  The program is supplemented by robust online programming which provides additional support to the creative community.  Creative talent in the Triad is highlighted through our member directory, which serves as a resource for businesses seeking those talents.

Swerve connects the creative verticals, servicing all creative industries – design, architecture, advertising, publishing, art, crafts, fashion, film, performing arts, TV and radio, interactive digital media, gaming, software, and new technologies.margaret-and-magalie-november-22-2016-2


SWERVE  – Where creative connections = creative profits


Swerve is a program of the Center for Creative Economy which serves as an advocate for creative industries and entrepreneurs. The Center brings people, ideas, and resources together to benefit a burgeoning creative sector.


There are silos within creative industries. People need to meet and share ideas in order to grow their businesses. Swerve addresses the problem of unconnected vertices throughout the creative economy by creating a more integrated cluster of working professionals. This leads to more jobs and retaining the Piedmont Triad’s creative talent.
Another reason is Jobs.  Connecting creatives to opportunities stimulates our creative industries and diversifies our economy.   People need to meet and share ideas to develop new projects and companies.  This makes the region more appealing, attracts businesses, and helps the community grow.