Bruce Maxwell

Should you need someone to assist you through the startup process, Bruce Maxwell has the expertise to ensure your company is built on a solid foundation. With a BA from Swarthmore College and an MBA from Stanford University, Bruce started Maxwell Consulting in January of 1998. He has assisted companies ranging from single entrepreneurs to… MORE

Ioannis Batsios

Ioannis Batsios

Tired of the instability in the film industry, Ioannis Batsios decided to pursue his other passion – web design and computer programming.  “While working on a feature film, I came up with a website design that could support the film industry. The only problem, I didn’t know enough about web design to build it. I… MORE

Kris Fulk

Kris Fulk is an exceptionally talented photographer who captures the essence of each person or object she is shooting. Born in Laguna, Philippines, she and her parents immigrated to New York City when she was just ten years old. After a career in the US military, she pursued her passion in art history, photography and… MORE

James Gledhill

James Gledhill followed a winding path to a career in digital marketing and product development. It first began with an interest in film while he was a psychology student the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “While chairing the student film committee, I fell in love with producing, sharing films and creating experiences that… MORE

Kevin Watson

After editing a short fiction anthology project in 2001 for a New York City arts foundation, Kevin Watson realized his passion for publishing. “I lost my job in the airline industry in 2004, so I took the leap and started Press 53 in 2005   – a small publishing house of short fiction and poetry collections…. MORE

Cheryl Schirillo

Cheryl Schirillo Johnson, a marketing professional and former musician is now helping others to deal with stress, stay healthy and boost creativity and productivity. How? “Through meditation. “When I heard that Google, Apple and Duke University all promote their mindfulness programs as a key to innovation, stress relief, wellness, and employee retention within their organizations,… MORE

Brent Wickham

It’s not a surprise that Brent Wickham is a successful and sought after industrial designer. Family and friends recognized his gift at an early age. “I spent my time sketching and taking apart toys and reusing the pieces to glue together new toys. But it was when a friend of the family gave me a… MORE

Ramsey Belanoff

How do you turn joblessness into success? Ask Ramsey Belanoff. After losing her sales job in 2014, Ramsey used her social media savviness to land a director of social media position with a startup company out of California. “I spent a lot of time on the internet, looking at articles, commenting on networks, connecting with… MORE

Alan Bengston

If you own a home, rent an apartment, or have children, chances are you’ve come across one of many products created by industrial designer, Alan Bengston. Pretty much anything and everything you can think of, Alan has designed – shower heads, stove top ranges, children’s toys, microwaves, refrigerators, door knobs, strollers and so much more…. MORE

Taneka M. Bennett

If you ask Taneka M. Bennett what she does, she’ll tell you she’s healing hearts through theatre. “I want to create works that encourage people to overcome obstacles and to be the person they are destined to be.” Taneka’s love for musical theatre began at an early age. “As a child I would round up… MORE