The Conversation: 6 Key Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

  It’s a proven fact, if you want your product or service to generate revenue, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. But what do you do if you’re working with limited funds? Are you thinking about spending all your marketing dollars on social media marketing? Think again. Social media is a cheap option,… MORE

The Highlights: Successful E-Commerce Strategies

Swerve attendees were treated to a upbeat February event and inspired by Daryl Shaw’s presentation on Strategies for E-Commerce success. Daryl focused on two primary strategies:  Trends and Media Channels. Current Marketing Trends Daryl shared that the E-Commerce market is divided into 5 main segments according to Statista’s E-Commerce 2017 Report.  Top E-Commerce Market Segments and… MORE

The Highlights: Unlocking Creativity Through Play

Recap On Thursday January 25th, Dr. Shirley Disseler,  a leading educator from High Point University presented “How to Unlock Your Creativity through Play” to the Swerve audience. Shirley’s presentation was informative, interactive, and fun! The participants played with legos, built pyramids from solo cups, and sketched their fellow Swerve members. There was much to take… MORE

The Conversation: Unlocking Creativity Through Play

“Ding, ding.” “Another notification just went off on your devices, and your head is cluttered with tons of tasks, personal priorities, and oh yeah, you need to eat as well!” “What to do?” One could step away and get some coffee to temporarily fill the void… MMMM Coffee. However, before you know it, 5 cups… MORE

The Highlights: Embracing Technology with Maura Marziano (COO of Common Giant)

Maura Marziano (the vibrant COO of Common Giant) and nearly forty Swerve members from creative industries around the Piedmont Triad met on October 19 for our monthly Swerve Meetup to discuss Embracing Technology. “Revenue is a by-product of always improving,” said Maura, as she shared her technology recommendations.  Not stopping there, Maura revealed how leveraging… MORE


Are you a creative stuck in a rut, trying to find a way to improve your productivity and efficiency? You may not have the funds to hire additional staff, however technology could help. “Getting the right supporting processes in place is important so you can do what you do best, create,” said Maura Marziano, COO… MORE

The Conversation: Crowdfunding Strategies that Work

What is it and how does it work? Crowdfunding is a growing option for creatives seeking to raise funds for projects. But, what is it exactly and how does it work? “A lot of people make the mistake of creating a campaign and throwing it out to the world thinking they are going to raise… MORE

Swerve Summer Social

This summer social was an opportunity to network with fellow Swerve members and other creatives in the Winston Salem community as well as celebrate Swerve members! Attendees enjoyed food, drinks, games, photos, and creative ideas! See more photos here.

The Conversation: Going Viral With Public Relations

What are the key elements of a successful public relations campaign? Are you one of many small businesses wondering why your press release is never picked up by local media or national news outlets? Attend the Center for Creative Economy’s Swerve meetup on Thursday, May 18 at the Center for Design and Innovation, located at… MORE