The Conversation: Going Viral With Public Relations

What are the key elements of a successful public relations campaign? Are you one of many small businesses wondering why your press release is never picked up by local media or national news outlets? Attend the Center for Creative Economy’s Swerve meetup on Thursday, May 18 at the Center for Design and Innovation, located at… MORE

The Conversation: Key Elements of a Perfect Pitch

What are the key elements to a successful business pitch? Join us for the Center for Creative Economy’s Swerve meetup on Thursday, April 20 to find out. Three Swerve members will pitch their business and get feedback from industry professionals. Bruce Maxwell, owner of Maxwell Consulting, is just one of many seasoned business coaches who… MORE

Intellectual Property for Creatives

What is Intellectual Property?  How and Why Should You Seek Protection for It?  Do you have intellectual property you would like to protect? How do you file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office?  What is the difference between a copyright,  patent, and trademark?  Is registration the only way to protect your intellectual property? Raina Haque, JD, owner of… MORE

Highlights: Controlling Your Risk

On February 16, over 40 Swerve members and guests gathered in Flywheel @ Center for Design Innovation to enjoy a hearty lunch and address one question:  Is all risk bad? No. According to financial guru, Malay Shah, risk is the probability of the unexpected. The primary objective is to control your risk. This can be… MORE

The Conversation: Risk, Revenue, & Reality

They say the greater the risk, the greater the reward. The opposite is also true, the greater the risk, the greater chance of failure. So how do you manage financial risk to ensure you stay in the black and not the red? Attend the Center for Creative Economy’s Swerve program on Thursday, February 16, from… MORE

Highlights: Mindfulness for Creativity

Mindfulness is both a practice and a state of mind. This was the resonating theme of the January 19 Swerve MeetUp with Mindfulness professional Cheryl Schirillo. In a room of close to 50 Swerve members and guests, Cheryl shared her experience and passion for Mindfulness for the emerging future. According to Cheryl, “mindfulness is the… MORE

The Conversation: Unlock Your Creativity With Mindfulness

Believe it or not, the brain can be hacked, in a good way. Companies across the globe including Google, Apple, Yahoo, among others are providing mindfulness sessions for their employees. Why? The workplace can be a stressful environment and anything that eliminates stress and increases productivity is a benefit for employees and companies. Research on… MORE

Free Swerve Holiday Mingle For Creative Professionals Dec 8

If you own a creative business or want to start one, Swerve’s Holiday Mingle is just for you!  Swerve is celebrating its one year anniversary on Thursday, December 8 in the beautiful new Creative Community Lab at 300 S. Liberty St., Suite 150 beside Willow’s Bistro in the historic railroad building. The event is open… MORE

Highlights: Relationships = Profits

The November Swerve Meetup featured Heather Allen, author of Let Your Creativity Work for  You.  Our audience of creative business owners and artists learned various techniques for developing customers.  Heather began by asking if our audience had experienced these situations: Do you have multiple passions & creative offerings? Do you have multiple customer audiences for… MORE

The Conversation: Make a Profit as a Creative

As a creative, selling online can be intimidating.  Where do I start? How much should I price my goods? How do I reach my audience? These are all questions you may be asking. On Nov 17, at the next Swerve meetup, Heather Allen, author of, Let Your Creativity Work for you: How to Turn Artwork… MORE